The main mission of our hotel complex is to do everything for a comfortable, convenient and safe stay of our guests. For your really comfortable stay, please read and comply with rules of conduct established in the territory of our mountain resort.

I. Rules of reservation

1. Reservation of rooms is performed under the condition of placing on deposit at the following address: Shymkent city, Republic Avenue. Shymkent Hotel.
2. In case of cancellation of reservation in period up to 3 days before check-in, 100% of the room rate is made a refund. In case of cancellation of reservation in period up to 2 day, 100% of the rate of the accommodation first days is chargeable.
3. In case of reservation of one day and factual accommodation less than one day, the payment is made for the whole day.

II. Rules of check-in, accommodation and departure

1. It is necessary to provide identification documents during check-in.
2. Payment of room/cottage is made during the checking into the hotel.
3. Standard check-in time of the day of arrival: from 14.00.
4. Standard check-in time of the day of departure: up to 12.00.
5. Opening hours of the restaurant are from 9:00 to 24:00.
6. Breakfast is available from 9:00 to 10:00.
7. Payment is not chargeable for accommodation of children up to 5 years in the cottage/room with parents without extra bed.
8. The payment is made according to the established price list for extra bed.
9. Change of bedclothes, towels and personal care items is performed 1 time in three days.
10. Unplanned change of clothing, washing means, wet cleaning is performed according to the established price list.
11. Mini bar is paid according to the established price list.
12. An access pass giving the right for entry to the territory and the right of access to the parking is given to guests having a vehicle. Private vehicles should be located only in specially designated parking places. Vehicle speed at the mountain resort territory should not be exceed more than 5 km/h.
13. Visit of the mountain resort by persons less than 18 years of age should be accompanied only by adults. It is necessary for heads of the groups having persons less than 18 years of age in their line-up to have a power of attorney for their accompaniment. 14. It is strictly prohibited to bring in/take in/use own food, alcoholic and other beverages (exception is only for baby food).
15. It is prohibited to leave children unsupervised, especially near open water, swimming pool, in the sauna.
16. In order to comply with fire safety in the mountain resort territory, it is prohibited to bring and store arms inventory, flammable, explosive, toxic, deleterious, poisonous or narcotic substances and other dangerous items, use of pyrotechnics.

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