Residential accomodation

Housing in «ALMA-TAU» mountain resort includes:

Қонақ үй кешені

Hotel Complex

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VIP Коттеджи

VIP cottages

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and we would like to tell you about each apart.


The hotel complex consists of 26 rooms:

Standard and Mezzanine rooms consist of one cozy room. Can accommodate two people. Cable tv, free Internet access, heating and air conditioning-all for your comfort and rest.
Suites and Junior suites have greater space and a high level of comfort. Perfect for special holiday together.


Cottages (35 houses) are:

The cottages differ in design and meet international standards of comfort and functionality: a private parking, a landscaped area, internal decor and communications system-everything is for your perfect holiday, whether it is your family or friendly company.


VIP - cottages: VIP 1 and VIP 2:

Specially designed and created for respectable people and big companies: fenced territory, parking for several cars, private pool, built-in sauna and roofed summer terrace.

Here is a short list of what awaits you in these premium class houses. Personal, impeccable service and additional benefits will allow you to relax at the highest level.

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